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How Do I Know If I Need To Repaint The Exterior?

Many times homeowners and business owners start to notice small problems the exterior paint that might need attention. It can be hard to tell if your exterior needs to be repainted, consider these factors when deciding:

  1. Cracking or Rotting – Clear cracks in the wood and softness due to water damage (link to AMS Gutters – Gutter Page).
  2. Condition of the Paint – Is the paint starting to peel and you see flakes on the ground? Is there bubbling or cracks in the paint? If this decay is happening, it is probably time to have an expert check the condition of your exterior.
  3. Fading Color – Have you removed an outlet color and exposed the original paint? Did you realize how much the paint color has changed over time? If your exterior color looks worn and doesn’t provide the aesthetic you need, then a new layer of paint would be a great investment.
  4. Seals – Is the caulking beginning to flake and crack? Does it feel brittle and crumbles? The seals are a great indicator for the condition of your exterior. The seals are essential to resisting pests, water damage, and keeping things together. If they look bad, then exterior paint might just be one of the services that you need.
  5. Mold and Moisture Damage – If you notice mold and moisture on your structure that remains after a thorough cleaning, repairs might be needed. The size of the area impacted and the depth of damage are both factors when assessing mold/moisture damage.

If you still aren’t sure, A.M.S. Gutters would be happy to send an exterior expert to your home or business that can help you assess structure. Contact us today!


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